Spring roof checklist

For all our customers in Winnipeg and the surrounding area, we would like to remind how to make spring attic inspection.

Before you get a roof repair offer, an estimate or neighbour opinion check it by yourself. Those easy steps will provide you with an updated stat on your property attic condition.

Gaining access: make sure you are dressed properly and have a flashlight.Spring roofing Check the home interior, the majority of homes have interior access doors or hatches that lead to the attic.

Checking for roof leaks: the best time to check for roof leaks is during or just after a rainstorm or after the snow melt.

Existing insulation: the good condition can be described as evenly distributed and dry.

Air leaks: the condense air from a warm house go up and cause the moisture.

Vapour barriers (polyethylene): The walls are lined with heavy concrete blocks and separated from the rest of the building by a vapour barrier, so minimizing changes in temperature and humidity. The vapour barrier will probably be either a layer of kraft or waxed paper or, polyethylene.

Ventilation: Vents should be evenly distributed to give good cross-ventilation in four directions.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or request an estimate. Our licensed roofing professionals will be more than happy to assist with any of your concerns. You are welcome to utilize our roofing knowledge and experience.

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